And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15 King James Bible

петък, 24 март 2017 г.

Hear the gospel

Hear, all slavic people,
Hear the word, which came from God
A word nourishing human souls
A word making hearts and minds strong
A word giving all the knowledge of God

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Catherine of Sienna - out of the dragon's mouth

 The 150 year period between 1380 and 1530 was the time when the papal power was shaking the most. The western schism, the lollards, hussites, reformers, the printing press and the subsequent uncovering of papal crimes and errors by scholars of every walk were seriously threatening the beast. Then came the counter-reformation and the wound has been healing with the "hospital discharge" coming soon as we mentioned. If there was a time when it was crystal clear that the pope was not to be worshipped, it was this. Catherine of Sienna was active in the 1370s, almost in the middle of the 1260 year papal reign. (~800-20??).

Saint Catherine of Sienna: "Even if the Pope were the Devil incarnate...."

Catherine set high standards – for herself, for her friends, for priests and prelates, and especially for the Holy Father. Again and again she urged the popes, first Gregory XI and later Urban VI, to act like Christ: manly, forgiving, honest, loving. Even if a pope did not act like “sweet Christ on earth,” Catherine believed that the faithful should treat him with the respect and obedience they would show to Jesus Himself. “Even if he were an incarnate devil, we ought not to raise up our heads against him – but calmly lie down to rest on his bosom.”
She wrote to the Florentines, who were rebelling against Pope Gregory XI: “He who rebels against our Father, Christ on earth, is condemned to death, for that which we do to him, we do to Christ in heaven – we honor Christ if we honor the pope, we dishonor Christ if we dishonor the pope… I tell you that God will and has so commanded that even if the priests and the pastors of the Church and Christ on earth were incarnate devils, it is seemly that we are obedient and subject to them, not for their sake, but for the sake of God, out of obedience to Him, for He wills that we should act thus.
“Know that the son is never in the right against the father, even if the father is ever so evil and unjust, for so great is the good which he has received from the father, that is, life itself, that he can never repay him for it. And we have received the life of grace from the Church, which is so great a benefit, that we can never, by any kind of homage or gratitude, pay the debt we owe.”

"Even if the Pope were Satan incarnate, we ought not to raise up our heads against him, but calmly lie down to rest on his bosom."

 St. Catherine of Siena, SCS, p. 201-202, p. 222, (quoted in Apostolic Digest, by Michael Malone, Book 5: “The Book of Obedience”, Chapter 1: “There is No Salvation Without Personal Submission to the Pope”)]

 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever. And they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

Revelation 14:11

Pulpit Commentary Rev 14:11

Verse 11. - And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever. Compare the wording of the passages quoted above on ver. 10, especially Isaiah 34:9, 10, "The smoke thereof shall go up forever." This statement of the eternity of punishment is also in agreement with Luke 16:26 and Mark 9:44. And they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. "No rest," in contrast with the blessed rest of the saints (ver. 13). Wordsworth says, "Οἱ προσκυνοῦντες τὸ θηρίον is a stronger expression than 'those who worship the beast;' it means those whose distinguishing characteristic is that they are worshipping the beast, and persist in worshipping him, even to the end. This characteristic is so strongly marked that they are here represented as keeping it even after their death." (On the "mark," see on Revelation 13:16-18.)

Like a wounded beast - part 1

Unfortunately, as far as i can see, arabs and turks are irredeemable and will cause  (through the greatest hater of them) their own destruction. They are so aggressive by nature, that with the snap of a finger, they will rush headlong against the red cape. No doubt Satan's two pillars of lies and murder will clash once again. Satan's kingdom is invisible and indivisible, so there is no real division when two members collide, theres only the visible manifestation of its governing principle - hatred.  The nation of the wild ass will be once again thrown against apostate christianity. Truly a people made to destroy and to be destroyed, who regard no life, even their own! However, this time the tide be presumably orchestrated by the antichrist, who, in his folly, will attempt to mimic God with the plagues of Rev 9, punishing Europe for its NON-idolatry and NON-subservience to the Roman Catholic Church instead. A sort of a reversal of what God did back then. Futurism comes very handy in this and the historical interpretation of Revelation will simply be moved forward to the future.

The beast, the papacy, wants his wound from the heavy sword of the word healed, but at the same time he can't identify itself as the beast, so he will inflict on himself a seemingly deadly (but more superficial) wound, by the hand of a barbaric and, at least on the surface, more Christless beast, to make the world identify him as the lamb and re-establish him without suspicion. Hence the false prophet, historically the monk - preachers, culminating in the future preaching of the papacy, will be more lamb-like than ever.

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Rev 13:3

"and all the earth wondered after the beast) that is, went after the beast with admiration. An abbreviated expression, as Acts 15:23, writing and sending by their hands. All followed the beast with their feet, or eyes, or inclination; for instance, in the Crusades. "
- Bengel on Rev 13:3

That is, the nations will not only be amazed, but will instantly pledge allegiance to the papacy.
It is hard to say whether the "healing" comes before or after the final clash with Islam. Most probably before fighting back the church is invigorated somehow and Islam is obliterated with another "divine" intervention, following this "healing". Whether this is precipitated by a new pope, or a new order of people loyal to the pope, or a miracle, it remains to be seen.

It is reasonable that the antichrist would follow the pattern of the risen Christ and assume power over the body of all churches (as Christ assumed his power over the entire church in his exaltation Ephesians 1:22 & ). So the healing is the reunification of apostate christendom with the papacy at its head (literally).

вторник, 14 март 2017 г.

Ruminations on the fate of my land #1

Thus far I have always looked upon the destiny of Bulgaria as an unjust revenge of the papacy on the middle age hub of European evangelism, the balkan beacon of light. Now, after I've begun work on the book of Revelation, my perspective has shifted - the poverty, the despair, the great dishonour, the horrible atheism (but take a glimse at those most atheist states of Europe today - Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Czechia, Bulgaria, are these not the historical and proper centers of biblical christianity for the last millennia?) and above all, the Ottoman captivity, are a just reward for the apostasy of the land and the persecution of the remnant. Indeed, it was not long after Ivan Aleksander, one of the worst Tsars and persecutor of Bogomils that we lost our land and independence to the Ottoman Turks. The era, the fourteenth-fifteenth century, marked the epochal exodus of learning and christianity from the east to the west and north. Byzantium, which was already decadent beyond belief, consumed by intrigue, bribery, infidelity,  along with the equally corrupted and dissolved Bulgaria and the Balkans, fell into darkness and lost all its man and brainpower, along with the gospel . It is precisely because God had showed so much favor to this land, that the punishment was so severe and prolongued. As God unleashed the Assyrian (Isaiah 11), and the Babylonian (book of Habakkuk) agains Israel now the Antichrist and his fellow Turk were loose to drop the axe on the lands, which were ever against them. It is worth mentioning that with the exception of two Tsars, and that for a short time, all Bulgarian rulers maintained relative religious freedom, even under the Byzantine persecutions, tolerating the powerful and numerous party of the bogomils and allowing free movement and distribution of biblical literature, when the west was illiterate and engulfed in ignorance. This undoubtedly infuriated the popes, who were at the same time constanstly hoping to use Bulgaria as leverage against Byzantium. The pope even sent the Hungarians on a special crusade one time, to destroy bogomilism, employing 2000 franciscan preachers. In any case, the only Tsars to take heavy-handed measures against heresy were Boril, at the time of the Albigensian crusades, and Ivan Aleksandar. But it was not these persecutions alone that sealed the fate of the land. Bulgaria never really transformed into an evangelical country, the people of the balkans, after thousands of sermons, never repented and superstition, greed, idolatry and servitude to everything Byzantine had taken root on the eve of the 14th century. (this decadence and return to paganry was properly the start of satanic humanism, which also followed the exodus to the west).

1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. 
2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. 
3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 
4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. 
5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

 The eastern locusts are the Saracens, and who are chiefly designed; and who were to harass and distress the eastern empire, and prepare for its ruin, which is brought on under the next trumpet by the Turks. These are fitly signified by locusts, because the locusts generally come out of the eastern parts: it was an east wind which brought the plague of locusts into Egypt, Exodus 10:13; and the children of the east, the Arabians, are compared to grasshoppers, or locusts, in Judges 7:12; and one of the names of a locust is "Arbeh", not much unlike in sound to an Arab. To which may be added, that it is a tradition of the Arabians, that there fell locusts into the hands of Mahomet, on whose backs and wings were written these words; "we are the army of the most high God; we are the ninety and nine eggs, and if the hundred should be made perfect, we should consume the whole world, and whatever is in it.''
And it was a law established by Mahomet, ye shall not kill the locusts, for they are the army of the most high God; and the Mahometans fancy that the locusts were made of the same clay as Adam was: and besides the tradition before mentioned, they say, that as Mahomet sat at table a locust fell, with these words on its back and wings;
"I am God, neither is there any Lord of the locusts besides me, who feed them; and when I please I send them to be food to the people, and when I please I send them to be a scourge unto them;''
hence his Saracens may well go by this name. Now these Saracens sprung up in the times of antichristian darkness, both Papal and Mahometan, and may be said to come out of the smoke of the bottomless pit; and the religion of Mahomet, which they embraced, was no other; and like locusts they were innumerable, they went in troops and bands, as locusts do, Proverbs 30:27; pillaging and ravaging all they could and their sudden and frequent incursions, the desolations and ravages which they made in the eastern empire, are very aptly expressed by the running to and fro of locusts; see Isaiah 33:4.
And unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power; that is, to torment then, by striking them with their stings in their tails, Revelation 9:5. These are called "scorpions of the earth", to distinguish them from sea scorpions, which are a kind of fish: so Aristotle (d) and (e) Pliny speak of terrestrial scorpions, which are the most hurtful; these are of the serpentine kind have an innocent and harmless look, but are soon angry; have stings in their tails, which they are always striking with, that they may miss no opportunity of doing mischief, and with which they strike in an oblique way (f); and which very fitly describes the Saracens, the race of the Ishmaelites, a generation of vipers, a subtle and treacherous sort of people, very furious and wrathful, and who lived by continual robbing and plundering of others at an unawares: and this may be applied to the western locusts, the monks and friars, who are the seed of the serpent; and who by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple, have a form of godliness, and speak lies in hypocrisy, and lie in wait to deceive; and being provoked, are full of wrath and anger, and strike very hard with their anathemas and excommunications, and other sorts of punishment, which they have power to inflict.

John Gill commentary, Rev 9:3

When the Turks were plundering Macedonia Isaiah of Seres, a learned monk,  wrote that

"No cattle was left in the land anymore, nor people, nor any victuals. There was no prince, or chieftan, no savior was to be found, everything hid before the fear of the ismaelites and the heart of the brave ones turned into the weak heart of a woman.Those who miraculously survived rightfully envied the dead."

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. Rev 9:6

It was time God's name move to the North. And so it did, moving through Czechia and reaching Britain and Germany in the most astounding way.  God raised those crude and imperfect, but strong voices in the north and rattled the serpent nests of Satan. And they were, in many ways, inheritors of the teaching of the Bogomils, the strong emphasis on the epic clash of God and Satan, neatly re-named by the slimy dragon "dualism".

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Who gets to play the dragon? (Rev 20:1-2)

Next logical step in the satanic travesty/parody of the reign of our blessed Christ, who will burn these witches and gnostics in hell, is the binding of the dragon at the onset of the reign. Is Trump about to "lock"someone high-ranking, maybe Obama as the dragon?

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The papacy is the antichrist

"[that day] will not come unless an apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness be revealed, the son of perdition, the adversary, who exalts himself above everything called God, or any holy thing, so that he sits in the CHURCH [ЦРКВИ БЖЙИ] of God, showing himself as God "             

From the Ostrog Bible, 1581, in slavonic

Acts 7:

"18 Till another king arose, which knew not Joseph. 

19 The same dealt subtilly with our kindred, and evil entreated our fathers, so that they cast out their young children, to the end they might not live."

 The papal system, with its animosity to marriage and God-given conception and birth (and child rearing), has proved to be the fulfillment of the Pharaonic system. But whereas Pharaoh brought the jewish nation to despair by toil of the body, the papacy completely dehumanizes the young of every nation by psychological and spiritual abuse, to the extent that they have no quarter to run, even in their heart. "Sodom and Egypt" is nowhere else but the Vatican, where pagan Egyptian artifices and homosexuals priests are at every corner and where the Lord is by them said to be crucified all the time in the mass.

Mass infant grave found at former Catholic home for unwed mothers in Ireland 


‘Mother and Baby’ facilities housed women who became pregnant outside of marriage and were ostracized by Catholic society as a result. The sites were infamously cruel environments, where mothers worked tough manual labor jobs for little or no pay and only permitted to see their children for a few hours each week. The children were often adopted by other families, sometimes in other countries such as the US, without informing the mother.
Local historian Catherine Corless spent years researching the home and was instrumental in the discovery of the mass grave. “If you look at the records, babies were dying two a week, but I’m still trying to figure out how they could [put the bodies in a septic tank],” Corless told the Irish Mail in 2014. “Couldn’t they have afforded baby coffins?”