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The triumvirate which will ignite the world

Putin, trump and Erdogan will make countries great again  Alexander Dugin


Alexander Dugin on the working visit to Turkey during the winning trump in the US



That day when Donald trump won a crushing victory in the US, editor in chief of Constantinople, the philosopher Alexander Dugin was in Turkey on a working visit. In particular, attended the meeting with the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim.

The Turkish media didn’t leave a visit without attention. Major publications wrote the following: “the political Scientist Alexander Dugin said that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is ready to expand strategic partnerships and offers a hand of friendship to Turkey.” Other Newspapers noted that in meetings attended “the special envoy of Russia, Alexander Dugin”.
In the “Our view” Dugin shared his impressions about the trip and told about how Turkey has perceived the victory of Donald trump.

Daria Platonova: News of the victory trump has overtaken You not in Russia, in Turkey. What was your first reaction? And was the reaction of the Turkish people, those who were around you?
Alexander Dugin: You know, my reaction was delight. We did everything we could to objectively reflect the electoral campaign in the United States. And I never made a secret of personal sympathy for Donald Trump. And our channel, like our President, and the Patriotic society of Russia supported trump.
We resented the lies of the world media, the globalist media propagated about this campaign. So for me it was success, I would say – a personal victory and a victory of the country. In fact, a deeper understanding still lies ahead of us. This great event is the event that changed the structure of the world.
In Turkey was really interesting: I attended the extraordinary Congress of Turkey’s ruling party, met with Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. It is very interesting that took place two congresses. One of them is the ruling party, Erdogan, where I was also invited.

D. P.: Aleksandr gelevich, moreover, that we found the photographs in Turkish publications. Suddenly we upon request “Dugin” in the Turkish media began to find hundreds of pictures with the Prime Minister. And how he reacted to the election trump?

Ad: You know, I met him before. We talked about the other symbolic event. In Turkey now there is a strengthening of the Central government of Erdogan. He, in this case, is guided by a strong leader of our country, Vladimir Putin.
And held parallel to two of the Congress. The Congress of the ruling party and the opposition Congress party, where more than two dozen members of Parliament were arrested for suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities against the Turkish state. And, these are planted deputies, came to support the representatives of Western embassies.
A Congress of the ruling, the winning party, was shy of me, and it caused a tremendous wave of publications. Because Erdogan in his desire to strengthen Turkey in the national and opposition and liberation from the West, ultimately, withdrawal from NATO arrived to support the Russian delegation, with me there were several respected and important people, in particular, Oleg Vladimirovich Lebedev of United Russia and a number of other people.
We expressed our support for the Turkish people and the Turkish state. At a time when the West has expressed support, in fact, terrorists. And now the Turkish society saw the symbolism. Why are these photos that fill the Turkish press, they filled journals and publications on all tapes.

D. P.: Aleksandr gelevich, why do you think so much attention from the Turkish media?

Ad: I Have a lot of books out there, in Turkey know me as a representative of the Patriotic in terms of Russia, often ask for analysis. So, visit one of the Russian support for the ruling party outweighed the parish of all Western embassies that supported those forces that seek to destabilize Turkey.
So the Turks perceive the power of Russia. Just one man with a beard from Russia, well-known in Turkey and a frequent visitor to this country, in order to outweigh foreign diplomats. It was very symbolic. They say: better to let Turkey be a friend, but a man like Putin, like Russian than all these dubious Western partners who do not take us into Europe and create problems for us, supporting the Kurds, and so on.
After this wave of publications, when I was out on the street just all I got out of the hotel and there was a crowd of reporters who asked me, “Won the trump, what does that mean? What we, the Turks, now?” Because, – shouted someone from the crowd – you’ve long predicted that trump would win. Here we do not believe in it, and you were right”. Apparently, looking at Constantinople, and the site “Katechon” people in Turkey are reading.

I was amazed, actually, how deeply involved the Turkish community, journalists, politicians, policy in the work that we are here, representatives of conservative ideology.

DP: Probably, special attention has been given since the coup and attempts to overthrow Erdogan’s U.S. structures.

A. D.: I was just on that day, during the coup, Turkey…
But as for trump. The Turks were absolutely not ready for it, they believed the Western media. And so this crowd of journalists greeted me in the morning, after it became known that trump won.
Of course, my message was this: look, Putin, our President, has made Russia great. Trump, by Putin, is going to make America great. Your President Erdogan, there is only one to make again the great Turkey. And, of course, neither NATO nor the orientation to the West or attempts to break into Europe, where nobody waits for you, of course, are not the way [for Turkey]. The way is the strengthening of its sovereignty and Alliance with the great Russia, which our President has done great.

The Hill: Turkey is a strategically important partner of the United States

Meanwhile, the key advisers of President-elect Donald trump to publicly acknowledge the role of Turkey for the United States and oppose granting criminal Gulen asylum.
So, in the us political newspaper The Hill, Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn says that the United States is asked to issue a Turkish preacher, organizer of the coup attempt of Fethullah Gulen in Turkey. We will remind, at the moment, Gulen lives in the United States, in Pennsylvania, where he owns a chain of private schools.

The author emphasizes that Turkey is strategically the most important partner of the United States in the middle East, as well as the main ally in the fight against terrorists “Islamic State” (banned in Russia) in Iraq and Syria. However, the Obama administration preferred to keep Erdogan in the distance.

Assessment Flynn, the reason for the disagreement between Washington and Ankara became a criminal gülen, which the PA refuses to extradite. Moreover, Lieutenant-General draws attention to the relationship with the Fund Gulen Cosmos Foundation that supports its schools, and is also the main donor Fund for Clinton. In this regard, it is not surprising that bill Clinton once described Fethullah Gulen as a friend.
So, says Flynn, the United States should not provide refuge to Fethullah Gulen and remember who their “real friends”. Foreign policy must be adjusted to recognize the Turkey as a priority.

Thus, Trump's circle is already showing the correct orientation and emphasis in foreign policy. In addition, there was a potential threefold Alliance – Putin, trump, Erdogan – in which leaders are guided by national priorities and are capable of making the country great again.

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