And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15 King James Bible

понеделник, 30 май 2016 г.

The three stooges

Trump got the magic 1237 delegate count, Erdogan created his desired government, Putin sat on the Byzantine throne in Athos. All within a week. With such clear-cut statements of power, we can expect the ugly tragedy (as it is not comical in the least) to soon begin.

неделя, 29 май 2016 г.

сряда, 18 май 2016 г.

Is "new venice" against good old Putin?

Veneto Regional Council voted for the resolution, calling the EU’s policy towards Crimea “discriminatory and unjust” and urges to recognize results of the referendum establishing Crimea as part of Russia, reports RIA News.

27 out of 51 members of the regional council supported the resolution. Nine cast their votes against it, one member didn’t vote.
Thus, Venice has become Europe’s first region to recognize Crimean Republic part of Russia.
According to the text of the document, the Head of Veneto Regional Council Roberto Ciambetti and Head of the region Luca Zaia are entitled to cooperate with Italy’s government and parliament and the EU’s other institutions in order to revise EU-Russia relations, as well as initiate signature gathering to cancel anti-Russian sanctions.
Moreover, Veneto Regional Council urges Italy’ government to “condemn the EU’s foreign policy in relation to Crimea and recognize the will of Crimean parliament and Crimean people voiced in the referendum”.
The parliament intends to “demand immediate lift of useless anti-Russian sanctions, which have negative impact on Veneto’s economy”.   

вторник, 17 май 2016 г.

The one and only

Pope criticizes West for trying to export own brand of democracy to Iraq, Libya

May 16, 2016
Pope Francis celebrates a mass of Pentecost in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican
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ROME (Reuters) - Pope Francis criticized Western powers for trying to export their own brand of democracy to countries such as Iraq and Libya without respecting indigenous political cultures, according to an interview published on Monday.
Speaking to France's Roman Catholic newspaper, La Croix, Francis also said Europe should better integrate migrants and praised the election of the new Muslim mayor of London as an example of where this had been successful.
"Faced with current Islamist terrorism, we should question the way a model of democracy that was too Western was exported to countries where there was a strong power, as in Iraq, or Libya, where there was a tribal structure," he said.
"We cannot advance without taking these cultures into account," the pope said.

"As a Libyan said recently, 'We used to have one Gaddafi, now we have fifty", Francis said in reference to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who was deposed and killed in 2011.

[Pope Francis seizes the moment to further papism, with the same argument of catholics against independent/local church christians, only in geopolitical clothes, that "EVERY MAN (who rejects the authority of the papacy) IS HIS OWN POPE", which is unacceptable, as it breeds chaos and evil, as there can only be one pope at the head of the cultural west and the western brand of christianity, his infernal majesty, the Bishop of Rome, the Pitlord ]

Francis has frequently attacked what he calls "cultural colonialism", in which Western countries seek to impose their values on developing ones in return for financial aid.
The pope said that "ghettoising" migrants was not only wrong but was also misguided in the fight against terrorism.
He cited the militant attacks in Brussels in March when three suicide bombers killed 32 people, in which "the terrorists were Belgians, children of migrants, but they came from a ghetto".
By contrast, the pope praised this month's election of Sadiq Khan as the first Muslim mayor of London.
"In London, the new mayor was sworn in in a cathedral and will probably be received by the queen. This shows the importance for Europe to regain its ability to integrate," Francis said.
Ten days ago, the pope lambasted Europe over what he sees as its inadequate response to the influx of migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle-East and Africa.
(Reporting by Gavin Jones; Editing by Louise Ireland)

понеделник, 9 май 2016 г.

Stalin icons

Alternative title:

"If they now dream for hitler and stalin (in the west and east respectively), then what will be their enchantment with the new shiny kings?"

Also check "mass for mussolini"

Brutality and cruelty are becoming fashionable. The "western" world is being catholicized at a astounding pace, thanks to "terrorism". We are almost no longer under the external influence of grace, which was brought in in waves, with the bogomil/waldense era, and the reformation era, a by-product with the open preaching of the gospel, which is liberty of speech, conscience etc. The incessant provocations against "traditional values", "european culture" etc, the work done in the spiritual world to the citizens of the EU and russia is in great progress, to prepare them for the meatgrinder AKA the righteous crusades number what? ... 10? All the news coming from the ME acts as a chinese torture device, programming the brains of eu citizens to destroy the source of this torture, the ME islamic world.

Because Satan feeds off delusion and blood, being the liar and murderer from the beginning, his minions can do no other than to deceive and kill. The last days are almost at hand. Remember, the crimes of the Pharisees, whose dispensation was eventually crushed by the Kingdom of God, were murder, extortion and religious deception (again leading to murder and extortion).

петък, 6 май 2016 г.

Trump firing the starter pistol of EU disintegration?

 The beginning of the removal of the old EU to create a new, even more centralized upon not only economics, but catholic identity EU after the big dust settles? Ala- the alchemic dissolve, separate and  join together (east and west)? The Visegrad four and the soviet bloc countries are beginning to gravitate east..... as do many EU countries . This can't continue forever without major political implications

Donald Trump says Britain would be ‘better off’ leaving the EU

Britain will benefit from leaving the EU so it can better control migration, Donald Trump said on Friday, wading into the debate on the UK’s membership just days after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee. 

Migration is at the heart of Mr Trump’s presidential bid and an increasingly prominent part of the Leave campaign ahead of the UK’s June 23 In: Out referendum on EU membership.
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Mr Trump, who triumphed in the vital Indiana primary this week, said countries such as Germany and “even parts of Sweden” were “going through hell right now” — an apparent reference to the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants from Syria and elsewhere.