And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15 King James Bible

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The demise of the bogomils and waldenses right before the reformation

The Bohemian brethren were a pre-reformation movement that was formed from the remains of the Hussites in the early-mid 15th century. The Hussites were a heterogeneous mixture of pacifist waldenses, nationalist reformers and militant legalists. The first fraction was the only one surviving beyond the defeat at the Battle of Lipany. The moderate nationalist hussites, who betrayed the militant taborites and the pacifist waldenses, eventually merged back into the catholic church. The taborites were disbanded after their military defeats. The pacifist, but somewhat legalistic hussites/waldenses remained in Czechia and founded the Bohemian brethren. They survived until the 17th century when the jesuits finally drove them out. Many became amish and hutterite, works-salvation anabaptists. However others, who held to faith-based salvation, became protestants and sided with either the reformed or the lutherans. A remnant created the so called moravian church.

One of the eminent leaders of the brethren was Lukas of Prague, who emphasised grace as opposed to works and purged the bohemians from legalism. This 30 years before Luther. But more interesting is his search for apostolic christianity in italy and the balkans. Around constantinople and the balkans  he failed to find any such communities (apparently the bogomils were already converted to islam or gone)

During this difficult time, Luke and three other members were sent to find a Christian community “fully keeping and living the “apostolic faith.”[6] Luke travelled to through the Balkans and covered the Turkish lands in Europe and Asia but did not find any such communities.

And was disappointed with the waldenses, who had become slothful and had stopped evangelising at the time of his visit. This proves that the inquisitions and propaganda had worked and the movements were driven underground, no having little societal impact and power. Below-glimpse of his views and exploits.


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Hieromonk Constantine teaching universal reconciliation

The doctrine of universal redemption is a step away from universal reconciliation and its not a big step in its perception in the mind. Because if God truly loved all humanity with an eternal love (Jer 31:3), he will eventually forgive them even in hell, right? Origen will say amen. To which we will reply:
Job 15:4
Yea, thou castest off fear, and restrainest prayer before God.

A well-grounded in the gospel christian will not take comfort from the statement that Jesus died for all human beings and only made salvation possible, but from the fact that Jesus died for him and saved him with his grace.  If God loved the entire world, every human being, and most of the world is going to hell, is that a message i could i take comfort in?  Rather, God loved many men of all kinds, from all nations, saved them from start to finish, without consulting their rotten core and dimmed will, and im blessed and graced to be among those, and then i love God for the spreading of his grace and election even to me. (REVELATION 5:9) It is a wonderful fact, embedded in the gospel and printed on the tablet of the believer's heart.

In the below article Constantin Simon SJ, the best candidate for a handler of the monk-king of Russia, preaches the same old uncertainty NOT-gospel of "we cant know if we are saved and (the more sinister part) all may be saved", of course, as a jesuit true to his name, not by affirming universal reconciliation, but by denying cathegorical and eternal damnation. When you leave people with this uncertainty, as these apostles of uncertainty certainly do, the gospel of "hope for the best" becomes the playground of Satan and his lies.

The last Judgement as a time of hope

The site "Foma" magazine for a long time, there is a regular column "Question to the priest." Every reader can ask a question to get the answer personal priest. But some of the questions can not be answered by one letter - they require a detailed conversation. One of these issues seem to us particularly important and complex - similar misunderstanding arises very many people, and the answer to it is very difficult, "Why did God create humans? We're still not justify his desire: hate each other, kill, condemn all kinds of fruits of sin, and themselves often do not realize that sin. We have reached the point that a nuclear bomb - as the apogee of absolute destruction. Righteous are very few (myself, I do not rank them) in the world, to go in heaven is very difficult (for this purpose it is necessary to work on a whole life)to end up in hell - its incredibly easy ... "(read the letter).

Konstantin (Simon) answers:

Do not think that at the time of the Second Coming, Jesus Christ will return to curse most of humanity.
This is neither in the Gospel nor in the prophecies. It is important to realize that the second coming - this is not the message of condemnation or curse. The first Christians were looking forward to the Second Coming, like the Lord to come as soon as possible and destroy the evil and sin of the world. Do not separate the sinful human soul - and the sin of the world. We sometimes refer to the final judgment and experience terrible discomfort at these words. In fact, the last judgment - it's not a fear in the conventional sense of the word. It is our hope, our hope that we will be reunited with Christ.

Is paradise only for Christians?

There are people who live their whole lives without God. Or other religions that do not recognize Christ. It turns out that they are not saved? Why, then, God created them? For us it is a mystery. (- PROV 16:4;Eph 1:11-12; Romans 9:22; Rev 4:11) We do not know where they go after death. It was only God knows. And only God knows why a person born in a particular place. But Christians have no right to condemn these people. We need to understand that the person is not guilty, that was brought up in a dysfunctional family, where he learned only obscene speech, or that he was born in Egypt, in Africa, in Asia, that lives in a different coordinate system. It is important to remember that to whom much is given, of more and need. Obviously, at the Last Judgment God will require of us a lot more than that from the Buddhist, Hindu, pagan or any other person who does not know Christ or the Gospel.

And if we think that people who were not born Christians, certainly go to hell - this way we want to take the place of God we want to judge people ourselves. The view that all non-Christians go to hell because they are idolaters, was especially prevalent among Christians in the Middle Ages. For example, a French theologian and founder of Calvinism John Calvin, who lived in the XVI century, believed that some people are predestined by God to destruction, and others - to salvation, and thus divided people into outcasts and elect. But St. John of Damascus (one of the big ones) said: "God foresees everything, but doesn't predestine everything," - that is, God wants to save all men, but leaves a place for their free will.


(ST John Damascene; sets up the devilish idol of human goodness in "An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith":

"But we have it in our power either to abide in virtue and follow God, Who calls us into ways of virtue, or to stray from paths of virtue, which is to dwell in wickedness, and to follow the devil who summons but cannot compel us. For wickedness is nothing else than the withdrawal of goodness, just as darkness is nothing else than the withdrawal of light While then we abide in the natural state we abide in virtue, but when we deviate from the natural state, that is from virtue, we come into an unnatural state and dwell in wickedness(7).

Repentance is the returning from the unnatural into the natural state, from the devil to God, through discipline and effort. :)"

And the devil says amen.

Remember, Cosmas accused the bogomils of ascribing too much credit and power to the devil for evil, calling him the god of this world, and repeats this same argument against them, that the devil has virtually zero power over mankind without their conscious cooperation (the same as god), man is the arbiter between good and evil and willingly and freely enters into relationship with both. The bogomils were said to not believe in free will, this was a common charge of the inquisition against them and aided in the accusation of dualism or captivity to two Gods ( kingdom of Satan and kingdom of God; the spiritual forces that bind us with our sins). They or their italian/french followers simply upheld the biblical concept later called by calvinists "total depravity". Thats why they believed they needed to get people be born from the word, by the preaching thereof.


Therefore, a Christian can neither judge nor exalt himself over the other representatives of the world or consider themselves elected. In each person we must see the image of God. We do not know what's going on in his mind, do not know how it relates to God and how God treats him. From the people who do not profess Christianity, we can not wait for Christian perfection, but also we should not lose hope and that sooner or later the people will turn to Christ.


No wonder they say that a person's soul - darkness. We do not know what was in the mind of Hitler, when he killed millions. (!!!!) Of course, the terrible sins lay on his shoulders. It is known that Hitler was a cowardly man, he probably gave the orders, but he didnt see their execution. When Hitler became a Nazi, a Christian he has long been, he was an atheist. He spoke sometimes about God, but something pagan, not Christian.


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The insanity of sin in the reprobate

20 For Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man and an holy, and observed him; and when he heard him, he did many things, and heard him gladly.



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The God-bearers

My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.....

.......for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.,

Zigabenus was shocked by their reductionist
attitude to the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in salvation
history: ‘They say that those of their faith, in whom dwells what
they think of as the Holy Spirit, are all, and are called, Theotokoi,
God-bearers . They bear the Word of God and give birth to it by
teaching. The first Theotokos [Mary] had nothing more than they.’

With the greatest probability , the bogomils didn't teach an "offer" gospel or that they were parents of God, rather ,  they relied on the power of the Holy Ghost to give birth to and save those who listened. Theirs was the biblical position of preaching to the effect that the Word takes root and creates believers on virtue of its power alone, by the will of God (James 1:18). The waldenses themselves didn't preach lengthy sermons of exhortations and questions, but simply recited or read the gospels aloud with a short commentary. Even catholicky Martin Luther recognized that "faith comes by hearing..... the word"

There is an interesting usage of the "bearing" terminology in early english baptists (did they take it from pre-reformation baptists, who were a fruit of dutch and french waldenses/"beggars"?)


The old Baptists didn’t use the term missionary.  However, they recognized two
types of ministers, the Feeding Minister, or the Pastor who labored in one gospel church, and the Begetting Minister, who was church sent to beget persons intogospel faith, order, worship and works.  This distinction runs all through the early writings of those old brethren in the early 1600s.  For example, please note:

29.I believe that as God prepared a begetting ministry, even so does He also prepare a feeding ministry in the church, who are a people called out of the world by the word and Spirit of the Lord, assembling themselves together in a holy brotherhood, continuing in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, breaking bread and prayer

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bogomil black anarchists - Jirecek

EDIT: 14.04.2016

Why "perfecti"? Could it be that the bogomils, cathars, waldenses called their preachers "perfect" because they attempted to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:15-17?

15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 
17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

By knowing all or at least most of the New Testament, the perfecti were not only furnished or prepared for all good works, they were walking bibles and the faith couldn't be compromised by the lack of manuscripts.
We now have testimony that all three known latter middle age groups - the bogomils and their branches, the waldenses, taborites and even the later protestant-inspired molokani had such men and women prepared to spread the gospel. Considering that the Czech taborites were in contact with the waldenses and had a pacifist branch, it is no wonder they had the same appetite for the word of God.


Interesting excerpts from the "History of the bulgarians" - Constantin Jirecek, renowned historian,
he is relatively objective and admits that bogomil orgies is all rumor, but still, he builds on orthodox propaganda

In no particular order:

In middle Europe (german lands) the Waldenses absorbed the older cathars in the beginning of the 13th century. Haupt; Quiddes Zeitschrift I,2. The same source speaks of the forced confession about causing outrages, extracted by the inquisitors; They (Waldenses) knew the entire Scriptures [by heart], even the unlearned ones (p 327. note 2) Ign. v. Döllinger, Beiträge zur Sektengeschichte des Mittelalters, I. Geschichte der gnostischmanichäischen Sekten; II. Dokumente, München, Beck, 1890.

In the times of Cosmas they accepted only the NT, the OT was, according to them, ruled by the Devil. Henceforth they became increasingly compliant [with orthodox doctrine]. But for this reason they didn't change a letter from the slavic apostles' translation [Cyril and Methodius' bible; we ask why did they copy and memorise all scripture and greek orthodox scripture, if it was from the devil?]. It is notable that the sole preserved bogomil gospel, even though written in 1404, contains very old language forms and proves that they copied rather ancient manuscripts

They had absolute freedom in interpreting the Holy Scriptures, yet many of them boasted of having the entire Bible memorized [probably the NT, but likely large portions of the old as well!!!; like the waldenses]. We learn the same of the taborites of Moravia. That proves that the art of reading and writing was quite widespread among them.

Every perfecti - man or woman, had the right to preach

He (Cosmas) further accuses them of teaching the populace disobedience against the government, cursing the rich, mocking the elders, slandering the bolyars (landowners), saying that the servants of the king and his officials blaspheme God, forbid the slaves to work for their masters.

The garb of the "perfecti" was BLACK, sometimes similar to a long monk's habit (cassock) [THE FULFILLMENT OF THE SACKCLOTH PROPHESYING WITNESSES OF REVELATION 11????] .... when they crossed a bridge and arrived into a village, they were in the habit of reading prayers. This silent and sombre whisper made them readily recognizable from other travellers. They had no feast days. They broke bread, but only as a memorial of the Saviour.


"Bomb at the police school in Brescia, following the track of anarchists
A pressure cooker full of gunpowder placed outside the entrance. Structural damage but no injuries. A camera would have taken a man masked

From November 14 circulates on the Internet in fact a policy paper in which the anarcho-insurrectionist promise a "Black December" and call for "placing explosive devices against fascists and bosses, display banners on bridges and roads, flood the city with posters and flyers, to blow up the houses of politicians, throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. " And the campaign "Black December" should serve as a "detonator recovery anarchist insurrection in and out of prisons."The anarcho-insurrectionist track therefore is more credited (excluded by the Interior Minister Angelino Alfano that of international terrorism) and the investigation took off immediately with the findings of the agents of the Cabinet of Scientific Police and checkpoints throughout the province. Looking for the man of average stature tall, with an athletic body that images of surveillance cameras resume arrive with a bag and put it in front of the door and then walking away.That person - must clarify whether she was alone or someone waiting around in a car - had his face covered with a hood up and a cap. ......  "....

After 900 years the ghost of the Bogomils - part 3: paramilitary 'Arnoldists' terrorizing Brescia

The Black Lady

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The Return of the King - Putin wormtongue

The traditionalist catholic author of this video

(link ->   )

recognizes that in the LOTR movie, the consecration of Russia scenario as per the Fatima prophecies is depicted. Grey wizzard (old pope) -> White wizzard (new trad pope) et cetera, watch the video. What i want to point out is that he considers, like many other catholics and traditionalists (or any other political extremists, really) Putin a good guy, not part of the dark forces keeping russia back.

Now in LOTR theres a character called Grima Wormtongue who wants to maintain the power of Saruman (satan) over the kingdom of Rohan.

Here is the videomaker's interpretation of the character, the average scarecrow for catholics - a generic "occult, freemason, communist" hidden hand, regardless, watch the video, its otherwise on point; The king is Russia, Aragorn is the new king uniter, Gandalf is the new pope and so forth

You can read about the character here and elsewhere:

Upon careful observation, though, whats so interesting about this guy? More than one thing  makes him a suitable candidate for being designed as a cartoon of Putin :

1 His cunning/deceit - a master of lies == (Putin KGB , enough said)

2 His parentage and stature- dark haired, probably not originally from Rohan/Russia "since he is darker-haired and physically smaller than the other Rohirrim." == (Putin is allegedly Georgian, "kremlin dwarf")

3 His opposition to the lawful monarchical line of power == Putin has called Nicholas II "the bloody" and has solidified the communist elite's grip through an oligarchic ring

And last of all, a true gem, found by some movie fanatic:

the tears of grima wormtongue and vladimir putin

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

The treacherous Gríma Wormtongue (Brad Dourif) sheds a tear beholding the mighty army of Isengard.

Victorious Russian President Vladimir Putin sheds tears on election night (March 4, 2012) in Red Square.

All this makes Putin the dark force keeping Russia back from its destiny - the pre-eminent kingdom in the catholic empire of the world.


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Voodos, Boogeymen, Luciferians


"Richard Cavendish's invaluable book, The Black Arts, points out how as long ago as 1184 members of a Satanic cult known as the Waldensians (or Vaudois) were operating in Europe and were accused of cannibalism and Devil worship by the Church. Two hundred years later the Inquisition uncovered members of the same group near Turin who 'held religious services followed by orgies and on initiation the candidates had to drink a potion made of toad's excrement (!!!)...' Cavendish says 'they acquired such a reputation that sorcery became popularly known in France as Vauderie and withces as vaudoises (and this is the origin of the word Voodoo).' They survive as a sect to this day.

at the same time they are at pains to bring pestilence to the world, destruction of nations, wars and commotions, and in these and similar malefic crimes they exercise their cunning and turn away from other activities, and there is no crime so horrific that they would fear to undertake it, as long as they think it could in any way serve their most damnable religion, by which they greatly wish to please the evil spirit.

................1 The Latin text omitted here, printed by van Balberghe & Duval, details the vile liquids and powders made from stolen hosts, the blood of babies, and other vile substances to destroy crops, darken the air, cause earthquakes and thunder “and to do a thousand other pernicious acts contrary to the principles of brotherly [neighbourly] love.”

Guilty by association - Back to the Future (pt 13)


Woe to those who say God is the Devil

If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?

bogy1, bogey (BOGEYMAN)


Also boguey, bogie. Pl. bogies.

[Found in literature only recently; old people vouched (1887) for its use in the nursery as early as 1825, but only as proper name (sense 1). Possibly a southern nursery form of bogle, boggle, and boggard, or going back like them to a simpler form which, as mentioned under bog and bogle, may be a variant of bugge, bug ‘terror, bugbear, scarecrow’. But in the absence of evidence, positive statements concerning its relation to these words cannot be made. (That they are connected with the Slavonic bog ‘god’, is a mere fancy from the similarity of form, without any evidence.)]

bugger, n.1


Also 6 bowgard, bouguer.

[a. F. bougre:—L. Bulgarus Bulgarian, a name given to a sect of heretics who came from Bulgaria in the 11th c., afterwards to other ‘heretics’ (to whom abominable practices were ascribed), also to usurers. See bougre.]

†1.1 (With capital initial). A heretic: the name was particularly applied to the Albigenses. Obs. exc. Hist.

   1340 [see bougre].    1753 Chambers Cycl. Supp. s.v., The Buggers are mentioned by Matthew Paris‥under the name of Bugares‥They were strenuously refuted by Fr. Robert, a dominican, surnamed the Bugger, as having formerly made profession of this heresy.

2.2 One who commits buggery; a sodomite. In decent use only as a legal term.



......concerning the Luciferians,Mr.Long asserts:

THAT they did not only rebaptize the adult, that came over to them, but refused to baptize children, contrary to the practice of the Church, as appears,says he, by several discourses of St.Augustin. (Ib. p. 103.)

THESE, by his account, were the moth moderate of those who separated from
the Catholick church in those times: That they were called Luciferians from Lucifer Calaritanus ,bishop of Sardinia,once a zealous defender of the Catholick faith against the Arians, for which he was banished by them, when they had the Power; and that his separation from the Catholicks was occasioned by their shewing too much countenance to the Arians (NOTE- CATHOLIC CHURCH FOUNDED BY PAGANS,ARIANS AND GNOSTICS ADMITTED IN THE 4TH CENTURY BUILD - THE DONATISTS, LUCIFERIANS AND OTHERS OBJECTED AND LEFT),and admitting them upon too easy conditions, not only into their communion, but into ecclesiastical dignities. (History, Donatists,p. 102.)

Crosby; The History of the English Baptists - p 31