And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15 King James Bible

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Putin, the Villain archon (pt2) the law given through angels at Sinai

A new macabre play of gnosticism. Lets first return to the "blind archon falling from the pleroma (gnostic heaven)"


DÜSSELDORF, Germany — Andreas Lubitz, who was flying the Germanwings jetliner that slammed into a mountain in the French Alps on Tuesday, sought treatment for vision problems that may have jeopardized his ability to continue working as a pilot, two officials with knowledge of the investigation said Saturday.

The captain/pilot of the aircraft was locked out of the cockpit, before the least at that time,  Andreas wanted to be the only pilot......

"Their chief is blind (eye problems); because of his power and his ignorance and his arrogance he said, with his power, "It is I who am God; there is none apart from me  (lone pilot in cockpit, locked the captain out)." When he said this, he sinned against the entirety (against the air company). And this speech got up to incorruptibility; then there was a voice that came forth from incorruptibility, saying, "You are mistaken, Samael" – which is, "god of the blind.

His thoughts became blind. And, having expelled his power – that is, the blasphemy he had spoken – he pursued it down to chaos and the abyss (plunged down the plane into the mountain), his mother, at the instigation of Pistis Sophia....

Hypostasis of the Archons



He logged 630 flying hours. In his spare time he was an avid runner who competed in several half-marathons and other races..........

And he created for each one of them seven angels each and for the angels three powers-these are all under him, 360 angelic beings with his third power, following the likeness of the primal model which is prior to him......

Apocryphon of John


And now part 2 - even more brazen and insolent against JEHOVAH, the God, the Christ who will Judge the world.



Russian airliner Flight KGL9268 crashes in central Sinai





 A Russian airliner has crashed in central Sinai with more than 200 people on board, the office of Egypt's prime minister has confirmed.The Airbus A-321 had just left the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, bound for the Russian city of St Petersburg.Wreckage was found in the Hasana area and bodies removed, along with the plane's "black box". An official described a "tragic scene".

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced Sunday a day of mourning.
He has ordered an official investigation into the crash, and for rescue teams to be sent to the crash site.
Egyptian officials said all the passengers were Russian.

A commission headed by Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov is to leave for Egypt on Saturday afternoon.
A criminal case has also been opened against the airline, Kogalymavia, for "violation of rules of flight and preparation for them", Russia's Ria news agency reported.
The airline, based in western Siberia, operates under the name Metrojet.
Russian authorities say it was carrying 217 passengers, 17 of them children aged between 2 and 17 (REALLLY?), and seven crew (SEVEN ARCHON SUB-RULERS). Most were tourists.
A centre to help relatives of the passengers has been set up at Pulkovo airport, Tass news agency quoted St Petersburg city officials as saying.

But the office of Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail confirmed in a statement that a "Russian civilian plane... crashed in the central Sinai".
It added that Mr Ismail had formed a crisis committee to deal with the crash.
Media reports say at least 50 ambulances have been sent to the scene.
Access to the area is strictly controlled by the military and the terrain is difficult, correspondents say.
One official told Reuters news agency that at least 100 bodies had been found.
"I now see a tragic scene," the official said. "A lot of dead on the ground and many died whilst strapped to their seats."

The plane split in two, with one part burning up and the other crashing into a rock, he added.
The Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsiya said in a statement that flight KGL9268 left Sharm el-Sheikh at 06:51 Moscow time (03:51 GMT) and had been due into St Petersburg's Pulkovo airport at 12:10.
The authority added that the aircraft failed to make scheduled contact with Cyprus air traffic control 23 minutes after take-off (6:51+23= 7:14 .... 777) and disappeared from the radar.
Egypt's civilian aviation ministry said the plane had been at an altitude of 9,500m (31,000ft) when it disappeared.
Live flight tracking service Flight Radar 24's Mikail Robertson confirmed the altitude.
He told the BBC that the plane started to drop very fast, losing 1,500m in one minute before coverage was lost.
Aviation official Ayman al-Mukadem said the pilot had reported technical difficulties before the plane went missing, the Associated Press reported.
The BBC's Orla Guerin in Cairo says it is likely there will be speculation about militant involvement in the incident - Sinai has an active militant network (THE EVIL ANGEL SERVANTS OF THE ARCHON, WHO GAVE THE LAW TO MOSES) , with local Jihadis who have allied themselves to so-called Islamic State.
But the aircraft's altitude suggests that it could not have been struck from the ground, she adds.
Local weather observations in the vicinity of the rescue scene suggest relatively benign conditions.


The gnostics believe that YHWH, JEHOVAH, CHRIST is a blind, dumb God, who can't save people from death with his baptism (THE SINKING SHIP ALLEGORY) and can't fly them to heaven (THE FALLING PLANE ALLEGORY). Putin, who represents this chief "archon"  is the one responsible for this flight in Egypt. The law, which was according to the gnostics given by evil angels of the archon, was given at Sinai. So this is a satanic reading of the verse "the letter killeth" or "
The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law", of course the gnostic interpretation of those verses that pertain to justification. The law is required to bind the conscience towards God, to be loosed by the gospel of Christ, but the gnostics perceive no gospel. They are bound in eternal darkness on earth and will be chained in fire and smoke in hell.



Iraqi forces found 365 ISIS bodies in Baiji graves

Iraqi security forces discover total of 19 graves around reconquered town of Baiji.

Iraqi forces said Wednesday they found 19 different mass graves containing
the bodies of 365 fighters from the ISIS group in the reconquered town of Baiji.

"And the archons created seven powers for themselves, and the powers created for themselves six angels for each one until they became 365 angels. And these are the bodies belonging with the names: 

Yup, The Apocryphon of John

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wicked protestant persecutors

He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.

John Rogers (c. 1505 – 4 February 1555) was a clergyman, Bible translator and commentator, and the first English Protestant martyr under Mary I of England.

Rogers was also against radical Protestants. After Joan of Kent was imprisoned in 1548 and convicted in April 1549, John Foxe, one of the few Protestants opposed to burnings, approached Rogers to intervene to save Joan, but he refused with the comment that burning was "sufficiently mild" for a crime as grave as heresy......

WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS COMES FROM FOR ZWINGLI,CRANMER, CALVIN AND THE OTHER THUGS< BUT FROM THEIR BELOVED "CHURCH FATHERS", WHO PERSECUTED THE "ARIANS" AND PRACTICALLY EVERYONE NOT AGREEING WITH THEIR NICEAN CRAP. ARE A HANDFUL OF BAPTIST DENYING THE NICEAN FORMULA GOING TO SUBVERT THE MIGHTY ANGLICAN CHURCH?ARE THE LOLLARDS GOING TO CALL THEIR UNITED BAPTIST ARMY AND ATTACK THE BELOVED CATHEDRALS? Pure satanism. Surely, the jesuits enjoy such information, but we can't do anything against the truth. The truth is that the "reformers" and especially their followers, who set up the national churches, were worldly men, deceived by their philosophical and alchemical training and the dogmas of the catholic church they didn't reject out of convenience. The reformation practically stripped the catholic church of some of its later dogmas and superstitions, putting the clock back to the times before the middle ages, but never taking away the dead doctrines of infant baptism, of transubstantiation, of worldy ordination, of theology based on philosophy, of a "mixed", unseparated church and of the sword. . . .now the protestants are not only useless, but corrupt the word of God and drive their godless flocks to the vatican. They will easily hand US over to the vatican when the harlot bids them to.,_Joan_%28d._1550%29

Joan (Jane) Boucher (Bocher, also called Johanna of Kent), was sentenced to die at the stake in London as a follower of Melchior Hoffman. The 12-year-old King Edward at first refused to sign the death warrant, but Archbishop Thomas Cranmer pressed him so long with the suggestion that she should be punished with death for her heresy according to the law of Moses that he finally yielded. He is said to have told Cranmer with tears, "Cranmer, I will sign the verdict at your risk and responsibility before God’s judgment throne." Cranmer was deeply impressed, and he tried once more to induce her to recant; but she persisted and suffered death by fire on 2 May 1550 (ML erroneously 1549). Seven years later Cranmer suffered the same death.

All of these scumbag whore churches - Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, Presbyterian et cetera will return to the mother. Surely, there were more enlightened and godly individuals within them, but many baptists died pinched between "the rock and the hard place" in the religious climate of 16,17,18 centuries. These national churches are "natural olives" of the vatican, therefore EASY to be grafted back in. They have NEVER been sola scriptura and sola gratia etc, but to justify their existence separate from the vatican. They are hypocrites just like the wicked jews who fasted and held the passovers along with their idolatry.

Even protestant writers themselves acknowledged the only fighters against ecclesiastical tyranny were the baptist:

Some years ago Hugh Price Hughes, the foremost Methodist preacher of England, said:

I assert with a full sense of the responsibility, that I believe that the great battle of the twentieth century will be the final struggle between the Jesuit Society in the full Possession of the authority of Rome and the individual human conscience; and when, like Oliver Cromwell, I look around to see where I shall find Ironsides, who will vindicate the rights of the human conscience, my eyes fall upon the Baptists. The anvil on which the Jesuit hammer will break to pieces is the Baptist conscience. I should like all the world through to pit the Baptist conscience against the Jesuit

The baptists were aware of the imperfection of the reformation and warned the protestants a million times to FINISH THEIR JOB. However, like the prophet JEREMIAH, they were not listened but thrown in a hole. And now, protestants, your churches are coming to naught. The babylonians are coming and taking over.

Luther is significant as an instrument for punishment of the papacy and revealing their crimes. But ultimately, the reformation was a second generation papism. A generation of daughters rebellious to their mother, who will be reconciled. Even the translators of the KJB were blind in that regard and mistook the small light they had been given for the morning star. Look at the epistle dedicatory and their illusion that the reformation will overcome the papacy, when the book of revelation says precisely that the wound of the beast will heal:

And this their contentment doth not diminish or decay, but every day increaseth and taketh strength, when they observe, that the zeal of Your Majesty toward the house of God doth not slack or go backward, but is more and more kindled, manifesting itself abroad in the farthest parts of Christendom, by writing in defence of the Truth, (which hath given such a blow unto that Man of Sin, as will not be healed,)

But he will and it is soon....


Genesis 1:12
And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good

And the papacy yielded churches after its kind....Chuches who openly wanted to drown us for the proper baptism (see Zwingli and the anabaptists and Thomas Edwards' Gangraena). WANT TO DROWN US? NOW DROWN WITH THE WHORE IN THE DEPTHS OF THE SEA!

Fear no man. Be not attached to anyone, but the Lord and Saviour. Read the many books (e.g. martyrs mirror) about the persecution of baptist by "reformed" persons and you will see the truth. Calvin never invented anything. The waldenses, lollards and the bogomils knew about predestination and grace hundreds of years before him. The winners writes the history.

I will shed no tears for the end of the reformation. It had it role. The protestants are lightweights and could never win against the vatican, because the vatican understood them perfectly.True christian preachers almost destroyed the vatican without much secular support in the middle ages. Actually, im kind of glad its over, because IT WILL BE OUR TURN TO TAKE ON THE ANTICHRIST. He will win at first (slaying of two witnesses), but will be destroyed by the word of God in the end.

The reformation was an act of God, but WAS NOT the planned revival He has in mind. The true revival will be the second pentecost, when the gospel will go around all the world (not just the roman empire as the days of the apostles) and the jews will be not CURSED (as by luther) but CONVERTED. The true church of God will remain forever and is yet to shine with her jewish children (Isaiah 60:1).

You papists and little papists beware:

38 And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: 
39 But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.

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Turkish Dugin

Pro-gov’t journalist claims Erdoğan to become caliph if presidential system adopted

A journalist from the staunchly pro-government Yeni Akit daily has suggested that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be the new caliph of the Muslim world and host representatives of Muslim countries at his palace if Turkey adopts a presidential system.

"If Tayyip Erdoğan switches to a presidential system, he is likely to appoint advisors to him from Muslim countries located in regions that are under the caliphate and he will open representative offices of all of them in 1,005 rooms of Beştepe [presidential palace],” Yeni Akit columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak says in a speech published by the independent news website T24 on Saturday. Dilipak's statements were reportedly from a speech he delivered in Toronto last week as part of the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) election campaign. His remarks came after his comments that caliphate was not completely abolished in 1924, but it can be resurrected by Parliament.
Caliph, "successor" in English, is a word used to describe the political leader of the global community of Muslims who claims succession from Prophet Muhammad.
Dilipak's Yeni Akit earlier voiced similar claims in an article which argued that Erdoğan is a caliph and, along with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, waiting for the appearance of Mahdi, the Messiah.
The article asserted that Mahdi will take an active role in the war in Syria and after the defeat of the armies of the Western powers in that country, he will head for Jerusalem to conquer the city with the help of the caliph. Moreover, the article claimed that the presidential palace known as "Ak Saray" was constructed to govern the provinces that will be occupied by Mahdi's army. The article also stated that Erdoğan and Davutoğlu want to be martyred fighting against enemies.
Turkey has a parliamentary system of governance in which the head of government is the prime minister while the president is mostly a ceremonial figure. President Erdoğan has long been expressing his ambitions to transform Turkey into a presidential system in which he will hold the powers of both head of state and head of government.
In order to realize his dream, Erdoğan needs a constitutional change, which can only be carried out by the AK Party if it holds 400 of the 550 seats in Parliament, as the opposition parties do not approve of such a change.
Erdoğan's ambitions were disrupted after the June 7 election, when the AK Party could not secure enough seats in Parliament to both form a government alone and to change the Constitution. With Erdoğan's alleged meddling in efforts to form a coalition government after the election, Turkey is heading for a snap election on Nov. 1, during which the AK Party will one more time try to win 400 seats in Parliament.

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Putin, the villain archon

[thanks to AVLES for the information on Putin]

The geopolitical game of putin, the thug in europe, with cart blanches from the top cats:

 Above image - a detail of the below picture, with the "MH37" license plate.

Above image - elaboration of an image whose original caption is: "Mr Putin showed off his own very first car - a tiny Soviet Zaporozhets making the modest Lada look like a limousine."
From: Last Updated: Saturday, 15 July 2006, 14:05 GMT 15:05 UK
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In pictures: Russian G8 summit

MH37 in Saint Petersburg (year 2006) G8 Summit: CASE CLOSED.

present post can be viewed as a continuation of  this edited post:

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Death cult (reworked)

The last king of the DEATH CULT of communism, is Vladimir Putin, the fake savior, who has risen to both put the nail on the coffing of secular authoritarianism and to prepare a room for the true king.That is another reason he has a timer on his head. . .

Leviathan in Russia

As Shakespeare, the alleged jesuit has remarked: The world is a stage.
And Putin is the main villain. Putin represents the ignorant machistic YALDABAOTH, enemy of gnosis.


Was Vladimir Putin Born in Georgia?

 During the extra training, she met Platon Privalov, fell in love and became pregnant. It was only at that point that she found out that Platon was already married. She split up with him and moved back in with her parents. The child, a boy, was born on Oct. 7, 1950 in her hometown. She christened him as Vladimir, but mostly called him Vova. Putina says she never told Vova the name of his father.
Putina then married Georgy Osepashvili and moved with him to Metekhi. She brought Vova, her illegitimate son, with her. “She says her husband had nothing against it—at least not in the beginning. Later, she and her husband began to fight about Vova.” Eventually, Putina put Vova up for adoption.

 Vera Putina (Russian: Вера Николаевна Путина; born 1926) is a woman who has since 1999 stated that Vladimir Putin ("Vova") is her lost son. The woman's claims contrast with Putin's official biography, which states that Putin's parents died before he became president.[1][2] The Telegraph concluded that while the woman might be simply wrong or part of a public relations effort, the story "identifies the holes in the known story of Mr Putin's past".

 Putina lives in the village of Metekhi, about 18 kilometers from Gori, Georgia. Putina says that Putin's father is a Russian mechanic, Platon Privalov, who got Vera pregnant while he was married to another woman. A "Vladmir Putin" was registered at Metekhi school in 1959-1960. Records show that his stated nationality is Georgian.

Through her contacts, she learnt that Putin had become a KGB officer.  In 1999 she spotted Putin in television.[1] Putina says that Russian and Georgian people visited her village to pressure her to remain silent. A school teacher, who says she taught Putin, stated that she too had been threatened. Putina says she is ready to do DNA tests.[


Son=demiurge=Jesus Christ (JEHOVAH)



Vladimir Putin became president of the Russian Federation in 2000, which had a radical impact on Russo-Georgian relations......

After Georgia deported four suspected Russian spies in 2006, Russia began a full-scale diplomatic and economic war against Georgia, accompanied by the persecution of ethnic Georgians living in Russia.....

The hypostasis of the archons

....Sophia, who is called Pistis(VERA), wanted to create something, alone without her consort; and her product was a celestial thing......

The Apocryphon of John
Translated by Frederik Wisse

"This is THE FIRST ARCHON who took a great power from his mother. And he removed himself from her and moved away from the places in which he was born. He became strong and created for himself other aeons with a flame of luminous fire which (still) exists now. And he joined with his arrogance which is in him and begot authorities for himself.
......And he did not obey the place from which he came......


Putin is Vera's [illegitimate, unwanted by her husband(consort)][lost son given for adoption]who[moved to russia],[climbed in the KGB and became president surrounding himself with an oligarchic ring]and 8 years later
[started the war against his native Georgia].

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Revelation 13

                 APOCALYPSE OF JOHN

11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 
12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

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Middle East georeligious overview and a cryptic reference to the archontic captivity in the media

 Right now we are entering the apogee of Putin's rise. He needs to grow before he can eat (lands). Rest assured he will continue to grow for a few more years..... Until he falls like humpty dumpty and the TSAR comes from inside the broken shells. For the time being though, the world needs to be sprayed with turbo-Goebels propaganda (of course Goebels is born on the 29 October, like Jimmy Savile and Putin very close to the nightmarish 31 October)

Putin and the Shiite 'Axis of Resistance'


In the summer of 2006, the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah went toe to toe with Israel for 34 days. When the smoke cleared, Hezbollah declared "divine victory," and soon after, Middle Eastern capitals were plastered with posters featuring militia leader Hassan Nasrallah alongside his benefactors Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. This Shiite so-called "Axis of Resistance" achieved widespread regional popularity, including unprecedented support among Sunni Muslims, which lasted until 2011, when Assad, backed by Hezbollah and Iran, began his campaign to eradicate Sunni regime opponents. [ to drag them in and leave them without options - convert and fight the "Mossad anti-Assad" rebels or die ]

In the aftermath of Russia's deployment of an expeditionary force in Syria, a new slew of posters have appeared. The current iteration features images of Nasrallah, Assad, Khamenei, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, with an Arabic caption that roughly translates "Men who bow to no one but God." The poster, reportedly displayed in central Damascus, suggests another emerging regional "Axis of Resistance." Unlike 2006, however, this new axis — which targets Syrian Sunnis instead of Israel — is deeply polarizing. Worse, the Obama administration, through acts of omission and commission, risks implicating the U.S. in the new alliance.According to Putin, Russia has deployed to Syria to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). But the public diplomacy belies a more limited Russian objective focused on protecting an increasingly vulnerable Assad regime. Indeed, Moscow holds that all of Assad's opponents are "terrorists" and has no compunction targeting Islamic and secular militias alike. Confirming Russia's unofficial agenda, the first week of airstrikes were directly almost exclusively at Idlib, Homs and Dera', regions of Syria absent significant ISIS presence. The administration says that Moscow is "intentionally" hitting CIA-backed rebels.
Meanwhile, as Russia has moved into Syria, Washington's position on the Assad regime has evolved. Four years ago, the administration's position was that "Assad must go." This month, Secretary of State Kerry suggested that the timing of Assad's departure was negotiable. While the administration won't admit it, the subtle shift highlights a growing ambivalence about the survival of the Assad regime in the shadow of ISIS territorial gains. In the region and particularly among Washington's erstwhile Sunni allies, the progression is being seen as the antecedent to U.S. acquiescence of continued Assad rule.
The Middle East has long harbored a predilection for conspiracy theories. Objectively, though, the regional perception of the U.S. policy shift is accurate. President Obama hinted at this new "equilibrium" between Sunni Gulf states and Iran in January 2014, more than a year before the nuclear agreement was signed. Now, Foggy Bottom is talking with Iran about Syria, and the Pentagon is de-conflicting air operations with Russia.
This nascent U.S. regional realignment has been operationalized in a de facto division of labor between Russia and the U.S. on Syria. The awkward arrangement has Moscow whacking the most proximate threat to Assad's regime, the relatively more moderate opposition — including militias purportedly receiving U.S. support — and Washington bombing ISIS. Working in tandem, the U.S. and Russian campaigns are targeting the broad range of Assad's foes, effectively insulating the regime from the threat of imminent collapse.
To be sure, the chief benefactor of this dynamic is Assad. But the campaign also offers Moscow a useful diversion from Ukraine and a chance to reestablish a foothold in the Middle East, something U.S. policy for the past four decades has worked to deny. At the same time, the U.S.-Russian understanding preserves Iranian equities in Syria and protects Tehran's proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah. It could also potentially limit Israel's ability to target Hezbollah operations in South Syria. Not surprisingly, many of the region's Sunnis view the developing U.S.-Russian condominium in Syria with great concern, a sign that Washington now views Russia and Iran as forces for stability.
[ note-  they will be pushed to form a desperate caliphate or some kind of alliance, so much for CIA help]

While this arrangement may achieve perhaps the primary administration objective of preventing a U.S. quagmire, it has little chance of stabilizing Syria or stemming the flow of refugees. Surveys suggest that most of the 4 million refugees have fled the savagery of the regime, not ISIS [ courtesy of Vladimir (the impaler of sunnis) Putin]. The ferocity of Russia's air campaign will all but certainly exacerbate the crisis, fuel additional support for ISIS and further cleanse Syria of Sunni Muslims, improving the demographic balance for the nominally Shiite Assad regime.
Whether the administration was, as The Washington Post reported, "blindsided" by Russian military operations, or whether it quietly welcomed the bombing as some kind of macabre burden-sharing, Moscow's Syrian initiative makes matters worse. As Nancy Youssef of the Daily Beast recently tweeted that she "overheard" at the Pentagon, "Right now, we are Putin's prison bitch." (?????????????)
Russia's military deployment in Syria is a strategic boon for the Shiite "Axis of Resistance" and its new partner, Russia. This resurgent axis was in part made possible by the absence of a credible U.S. Syria policy, but it will only be bolstered should Washington embrace Russia and Iran as its regional security partners. Already in the Middle East, there is a widely held perception that the U.S. has made this decision. No doubt, the administration will continue to insist that the Iran nuclear deal doesn't signal a broader regional realignment. Should the U.S. tilt toward Russia and Iran persist, President Obama might find himself alongside Assad, Khamenei, Nasrallah and Putin on the next run of posters.
Schenker is director of the Program on Arab Politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.


Russia-Israel-Iran alliance: the PURPOSE.

"Israel to provide Russia with intelligence about Syrian opposition" [article]

 ....... ISIS is a tool FOR Iran

" “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies. People will tell you in the region that if you want somebody who will fight to the death against Hezbollah, you don’t put out a recruiting poster saying ‘sign up for us we’re gonna make a better world.’ You go after zealots and you go after these religious fundamentalists. That’s who fights Hezbollah. It’s like a Frankenstein.”"

Gen Clarke

"Born Jewish, raised Baptist and converted to Catholicism" [...and serving the Iran-Isreali Pact]

"How is it possible to be more pro-Putin than this??! Frankly, it is impossible! If you make out of the Hellish mess of Syria an "happy talk", it means only one thing: you want DISENGAGEMENT.  And if you want disengagement, it is only to make a favor to Putin & Iran, to leave to them the total control of Syria (and Middle East) - period. 
Therefore this is the best evidence that ISIS is not "under the control" - figure it out "created", by US intelligence. At the opposite, this is an evidence that ISIS and Al Nusra are firmly in the hands of the "regime", truly speaking of the Kremlin and Tehran, which can play whatever kind of dirty game with them, being the US intelligence only the spectator of events whose masterminds and goals are quite as much true out of the control of CIA & Pentagon. "

A Shia genocide of Sunni in sight in Iraq? part 2: with Obama's and Pope Francis' approval, also in Syria.

 "Overheard at the Pentagon: "Right now, we are Putin's prison bitch."


" The present "captivity" of Sophia is materialized in the Putinist dictatorship.  Therein is the theme of sophia captured and enslaved as a prostitute or kept drugged in a psychiatric ward."

Pope Lamech and 49 revised and expanded
And Putin's trophy female prisoner:

 At the time, the Kremlin urgent needed a salient figure to be use for propaganda purposes. As a woman, a senior lieutenant, and a pilot, Savchenko was a very eye-catching image for kindling hatred among the subjugated electorate.

Putin’s hostage Savchenko is awaiting her fate

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The depths of Satan - ecclesiastes

And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.


Ecclesiastes 7:26


But he that sinneth against me (the wisdom of God, Christ) wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

Proverbs 8:36 

This wisdom(their sophia) descendeth not from above, but is earthly(GAIA), sensual, devilish.

James 3:15


Paragraph 6. Mary - Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church
963 Since the Virgin Mary's role in the mystery of Christ and the Spirit has been treated, it is fitting now to consider her place in the mystery of the Church. "The Virgin Mary . . . is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God and of the redeemer. . . . She is 'clearly the mother of the members of Christ' . . . since she has by her charity joined in bringing about the birth of believers in the Church, who are members of its head."502 "Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church."503